1)      Authority Campaign

The credibility Campaign encompasses positioning you as an authority in your industry in a specific niche.  We call that niche “micro specialization.  We establish you as an authority with 3rd part media coverage, articles, press releases, quotes and with interviews featuring you as the subject matter expert.  There is a media Campaign created to be used in your marketing as well as

2)     Credibility Campaign

The credibility campaign includes the same elements as the authority Campaign but also includes a publishing book & best-selling book campaign.

3)     Best Selling Book ONLY Campaign

This campaign is for someone that has a book already on Amazon, or someone ready to publish a book they have written on Amazon

4)     Expert Positioning Campaign

The Expert Positioning campaign encompasses the credibility campaign elements, but also includes:  inclusion in a multi author book in addition to your own best- selling book.  Automated systems and ongoing media coverage.


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