Get Published & Grow Your Business

“How to Use A Book to Grow Your Business – Become the Hunted, Not the Hunter”

  • Even if you’re not a writer, you can be an author.
  • Learn how a book can grow your business, no matter what industry you’re in.
  • Find out the benefits of 3rd party media coverage and how to attain them.
  • Get published in 90 days or less.
  • Discover how to leverage 800-pound gorilla platform
  • Learn how your book can become your salesperson 24-7 so you can eliminate cold calling.

The signature talk “How to Use a Book to Grow Your Business—Become the Hunted, Not the Hunter” is a cutting-edge approach. It uses the most credible form of marketing: becoming a published author and utilizing your strategically written book to attract more clients, position yourself as the authority in your niche, and change the way you market your business.

Are you a speaker, coach, entrepreneur, or professional that makes a living charging for your advice, expertise, and experience? Tired of being undervalued? Ready to profit from your knowledge and expertise? Would you like to create the tipping point that makes someone want to work with you? Do other coaches, speakers, or professionals in your industry get more attention than you do, even though they are far less knowledgeable? Would you like to know the secret to getting the respect and recognition you deserve?

You will learn all of this and more in this lively talk.

Entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches, consultants, and speakers who make a living by charging for their advice, experience, and expertise can quickly become an author. They will then be positioned as an authority in a specific niche in their industry. In this 45-minute talk, you will learn the benefits of becoming a published and best-selling author.

We have an approach that doesn’t require someone to be a writer to become an author. If you are someone that understands the credibility that comes with writing a book, we will show you how to get past hurdles, such as, “I don’t know enough.” “I can’t put what I know into written form.” “I don’t have the time.” Or, “I wonder if anyone would read my book, especially when there are hundreds of books on the subject by someone more well-known.” At the end of our campaign, you become the hunted, not the hunter.


“Learn What Professionals Just Like You Are Doing to Gain Authority and Monetize Their Advice”

In this talk, we discuss several strategies, which help professionals and entrepreneurs like you become a thought leader, a subject-matter expert, and an established authority in your industry. We discuss how to get featured on trusted, third-party, national media, how to get other people to refer to you as an expert, and how becoming a published and best-selling author can generate new clients—enabling you to charge more for your services and get booked for more speaking opportunities.

We position professionals faster than they can position themselves!

Brokers & Real Estate Professionals

Barbara Corcoran testimonial for Lisa & Tamika

In this short talk, titled “How to Stand Out From Other Brokers & Agents, Grow Sales, and Obtain Community Recognition”, you’ll learn:

  • How to get positioned as the go-to broker or real estate agent in your city
  • How to leverage 3rd party media coverage and benefit from their trusted reputations
  • New strategies to land buyers and sellers
  • How to attract new, top agents, who want to work for you and be associated with your celebrity status

We will share different approaches for gaining listings, gaining greater market shares, and attracting agents who are asking to hang their licenses with your brokerage. You’ll learn unique strategies to build and leverage your agents’ images as educators and advocates, so that they are instantly recognizable in your community as the authorities to work with!


“I always wanted to write a book!”

“I look forward to getting some media coverage!”

“I need a salesperson I don’t have to pay!”


You’ll walk away from this talk knowing how to set yourself apart!

To book Lisa – contact Edie Edwards at 866-386-2636, email info@mediaauthoritymarketing.com


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