How to Position Yourself As an Established Authority In Your Industry to Get More Business

Lisa C Steward-Williams
Many of you have been in your profession for a long time. You probably had many successes that have been overlooked, or not publicized in a way to draw new business to you. It’s never as effective when we toot our own horn about our successes.

Traditionally, only large corporations’ accolades and accomplishments were recognized in the media, or online with large PR firms. So many local businesses are only focusing on one aspect of using the Internet, and this is losing you customers. The Internet has leveled the playing field for even a local chiropractor or Real-estate professional. More than ever, the reputation of a business is at the forefront of a decision to do business with someone. But I am not speaking about good or bad reviews, I am talking about authentic reputation, credibility, an accomplishment which indirectly shows you have satisfied customers. Are being recognized by 3rd party entities? Have you ever thought about the importance of this recognition?

How would you like it if, when someone “Googles” your name, the good things that you do show up? Internet Marketing has traditionally been seen as SEO, website, and keywords, but it is so much more. The Internet is not only good for getting customers; you can literally keep people abreast to the topics and information they want to know about, without going directly to your website. Media outlets rely heavily on the Internet to find expert local professionals to interview and highlight in local news publications, trades and sometimes TV. If all of your accomplishments are buried on your website, how will they find you, if they don’t know anything about your business?

Do you want to know how to get your successes recognized by the media? Let me ask you a few questions: Do you already get leads, but you would like more leads and more people that want to do business with you? When someone “Googles” your name, if you were recognized on high authority 3rd party websites, can you see how that would make them want to do business with you? Can you also see how more customers would want to work with you over another realtor or tax professional if you have articles and interviews covering topics they need information on that are posted online? Do you have a newsroom or press-room on your website? Are there ongoing press-releases about your business and are your accomplishments published online? Does your business live and die by your relationship with customers, as well as banks, vendors and suppliers? These are all aspects that draw customers and media to you online and in your local area.

Some businesses want trade organizations exposure, some businesses want to be recognized in your peer groups, and some of you want to be asked to speak at industry conventions. Having the proper online expert reputation will get you requested to speak in front of the audiences you want.

Maybe you haven’t thought about how many people just “Google” your name to see if you are a licensed professional, doctor, lawyer, tax professional, real-estate broker, or real-estate agent. The Internet is not only good for getting customers; you can literally keep people abreast to the topics and information they want to know about without going directly to your website. As a licensed professional in today’s competitive environment, your expertise and experience needs to be found very easily by people searching for someone to work with in your industry.

Create an expert image by showing yourself as the educator, and advocate for your customers success. These actions are vital and they will greatly enhance your authority by being chosen as the doctor, lawyer or broker to work with.

Here is a list of some of the things that should be publicized about you or your business:

  • Speaking at a convention or local event
  • Attending a national conference
  • Recently sold a house
  • Just won a difficult case
  • Donated your time to a charity
  • Recognized for an award
  • Top producer
  • Volunteered at your child’s school

This is what makes a client choose you over your competition. The benefits that you will receive having someone else talking about your business brings invaluable credibility and customers for years to come.

It is important to get exposure for you and your brand, both locally and online. 3rd party recognition is trusted more than reviews on Yelp or other directories, especially for licensed professionals.

You may be a non-profit, school or church that is really making a difference in the community, and what you’re doing matters too! If you’d like to find out more about how to increase your credibility online and how to get the recognition and media coverage you and your business deserve, visit us at!

Lisa Williams is an online media strategist, and independent producer for Local Online Visibility (LOV) – a strategic Internet and PR marketing firm that works with licensed professionals, real estate agents, small businesses and non-profits across the globe. Founded in 2011, LOV’s goal is to help their clients attain more local exposure through interviews, community partnerships and public relations campaigns that highlight them as an expert in their local market.

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