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Get more speaking opportunities and close more clients by getting positioned as the authority, “expert” in your niche. Learn what creates the tipping point for coaching clients and event planners to choose you to work with.

Nine Benefits of Positioning Yourself as an Authority

There are certain advantages that someone with authority, or celebrity status receives compared to someone that does not have authority.

Becoming an accredited expert

Being sited on 3rd party high authority media sites creates a major shortcut in reputation-building and industry credibility. You receive credibility from the media sites.  This is how many top professionals in your industry became more recognized and trusted experts.

  1. Increasing Opportunities

This is true both locally and online.

Once you receive ongoing 3rd party media coverage, marketing your professional services becomes much easier. Some of the elements that you need to get these opportunities are:

  • Media Kit – This should be available on your website. If you do any speaking at seminars or conferences, you can submit your media kit which will show activity of your expert status. This will make them chose you over your competition.
  • Press Room – The press releases that are distributed about you (locally, nationally and online) should be placed in your website press room so reporters that may be looking for subject matter experts in your industry can easily find you to interview with keywords.
  • Many people are very knowledgeable in their field, but lack the confidence or their expertise just hasn’t been recognized in the community.  After we position you as an authority, you will become that chosen person.

Why wouldn’t someone want to work with you knowing you have been seen on ABC, CBS, ABC, Fox and CNN!!!!

  • You may become a desirable guest for local TV and radio programs


  1. Becoming a local celebrity

With all these promotion opportunities, you stand a good chance of increasing becoming well recognized in the community.

  1. Bringing you to the attention of pre-qualified clients

You will “get more clients” with more visibility, thanks to your media authority: Being more in demand allows you to…

  • Raise (or lower) your prices to suit your market, as well as your needs
  • Raise your rates
  • Attract more clients/patients
  • Create new business opportunities (e.g. adding coaching workshops etc.)
  • Receive networking invitations – as a guest, presenter or even guest speaker at prominent local event
  1. Increasing your business branding

Your photo, logo, colors and graphics will be highly visible throughout the internet. Becoming an “instant expert” in your narrow niche will help brand you in people’s minds as the go-to professionals

  1. Becoming eligible for local, national, international and online awards

How about we get those awards, certificates and accolades off your websites and on the web!!

And even though you never want to list your award simply as a brag-fest, there is no doubt that winning awards simply fortifies your rock-solid reputation and propels you towards the head of your elite pack.

And even if it’s not the Pulitzer Prize, but instead the Dinky Award for Best New professional at dinky.com, an award is still an award. It lets people know that someone thought you and your business were the best in your field!

  1. Confidence Builder

Have you ever stood in front of a client; or in front of a meeting or workshop audience; and thought: “Why would they ever want to listen to me?”

If you have, you will especially appreciate this particular benefit.

Think of the ninety-five per cent among your competitors who have never even so much as published an original article, and knowing that you have been featured in multiple highly respected and recognized publications is something others only dream about achieving and this should surely boost your confidence – and help you capture your audience, with assurance.

And for those of you that have been speaking and training, it will just take your business or practice to another level.  Maybe it’s time you write a book!  We can help.

  1. Creating Raving Fans

If your business strives for excellence, caters exclusively to its target client, and focuses on top customer service, this is one of your most powerful benefits of all.

A client selling you to other clients is the most powerful promotion of all: One which no advertising can replace, if you are looking to build a stable of loyal, repeat clients.

  1. Seeing a great return on investment

You don’t have to spend tens of thousands on advertising dollars. You don’t need a $10,000 a month publicist, you just need someone to keep you top of mind and consistently producing relevant content online.

The types of returns we’re talking about are:

  • More clients – Ready to buy what you’re offering or selling
  • More clients – So you can be chose who you want to work with, and pick good clients
  • Paid opportunities – invitations to be keynote speaker at local and national business or industry events
  • Commanding a higher fee for those paid opportunities – as well as for teaching classes, or holding workshops or other events
  • Commanding a higher price for your specialty, “signature” product
  1. Increased viral growth

– Your business stands a good chance of becoming the latest “buzz”, appearing in local media and recommended on social networks; or by word-of-mouth

Position yourself properly to receive these benefits, and you will be miles ahead your competition.


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