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Benefits of Having a Book:

  • When you have written and published a book it automatically gives you authority
  • Perception – if you wrote a book people perceive that you have achieved a level of success
  • Gives you Celebrity Status
  • You are Positioned as an Educator and an Advocate
  • You are put on a pedestal
  • It Positions you over your Competitors
  • By having an Amazon author page you have another credibility source


Benefits of being a Best Selling Author:

  • Instant Credibility
  • Seen as an Authority or Expert
  • Will be Chosen over your Competitors
  • Confidence Enhancer
  • Gets more Speaking Opportunities
  • Can Position to Sell more Books


As a business owner, speaker, coach, or consultant, you can create an identity as an expert and even a celebrity status because you have a book. Authority is derived from being an author. It gives you validation that you are someone to consider listening to. Many people do not attempt to write a book because it’s too overwhelming and they perceive it will cost too much money and take too much time. Marketing the book also becomes a concern and therefore the average person shy’s away from becoming a published author.

So when you see people that did write a book, your immediate picture is the aforementioned scenario. They did all this incredibly hard work and are just amazing individuals with so much knowledge and education to teach and share, and that they must be an authority on the subject.

Here is a secret. Many of these people who wrote their books can no longer park their car in their garage because it’s full of unsold books!

If you are an entrepreneur, speaker, coach or professional, sharing your message and focusing on using your book as a tool to position yourself to get speaking opportunities, open the door for more book signings, or increase your client base, having a book is an excellent marketing strategy for you.

If you are an author, this approach is more difficult to consider. You really want your message shared and people to buy your books, but one best-selling book can become the best marketing conversion strategy you can implement! When you use a book as a conversion strategy instead of expecting sales from the book, it becomes another new media tool in your marketing arsenal that sets you apart from your competition. Know I am speaking of a Kindle E-book not a hard cover 500 page book!


Remember: It’s not about how many people have read your book, but it’s about how many people know that you have a book.

The fact that you can put on your website that you are a best-selling author or when people research you if you are a coach, speaker, or professional and they see that you have written a book that is a best-seller,

Being someone with a book and being a best-selling author is what establishes the win for you.

So this is mindset shift you need to jump start your authority marketing.

Think of your book as a new media strategy to open doors and be heard to market your business.


Which person you would you choose to work with?


Speaker A – that came highly recommended by a friend that has testimonials on his website and has been speaking for a number of years


Speaker B – that has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CNN. He has a book on the topic and the book is a best seller.


Best Selling Books

Of course you would be more interested in selecting Speaker B. By having a speaker with a best-selling book and that has been featured in the media it gives your seminar more credibility and makes your event more appealing to the public having an author/speaker with authority!

Your opportunity to get local speaking or national speaking engagements becomes greatly increased after being cited as an authority in the media and being a best-selling author.

Authority marketing is becoming well documented.

Barbara Corcoran testimonial for Lisa & Tamika

Celebrity broker and “Shark Tank,” star Barbara Corcoran’s career really got started by positioning herself as the expert real estate agent. On many occasions Barbara has spoken about how she became an authority and the resulting business success because she was seen as the number one expert in her field.   She said, “Self promoting through consistent reports to media outlets was the best PR move I’ve ever made. When you’re constantly quoted as an expert in your field everybody believes that you are.”

Greig Wells an author, speaker and super connector on LinkedIn said, “This is how I went on to get featured on CNN, Wall Street Journal, TV, Radio, Magazines, become a speaker for Tony Robbins and other conferences, and get a best-selling book deal with Jack Canfield all because I paid to play and got the media citations.”

How difficult is it to become a best-selling author? Well it depends on where and what you know. I’ve got shocking news for you. Many New York Times Best Selling Authors have bought their way to best-selling status and it wasn’t a cheap feat!

So whether it’s an endorsement from a credible celebrity, 3rd party media coverage or buying your way to best seller status, there are ways a person can become a best seller. And for the New York Times, it is quite a hefty check you will be writing! Buying your way to best seller status is no secret, this topic was recently written about in Forbes.

To learn more about this click here.

BUT…… there is now an opportunity for entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, local business owners and professionals to take advantage of the best-selling status without book tours, heavy marketing to publishers and years of writing a book and definitely not for 6 figures.

If you’re ready to find out how you can become an author or a best-selling author and now better understand the marketing strategy contact us for a consultation.

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