1. How long does a Best Selling Campaign take?
Most Best Selling campaigns (meaning the authority and press coverage, etc.) runs 30-45 days. The actual time we launch or re-launch your book typical takes about 2 days for your book to become a best seller.

2. How do you make my book a best seller this?
We have a proprietary optimization process and a group of colleagues that together we launch a campaign that helps your book reach best-selling status

3. Is this process legal?
Yes. There is nothing illegal about how your book becomes a best seller. Just like books on NY Times and with other publishing companies each has their own algorithms that determines what makes a book a best seller. We have nothing to do with determining that algorithm.

4. Can you do a best seller campaign for an already published book?
Yes for Amazon Kindle.

5. What is your guarantee?
We guarantee that your book will become a best seller on Amazon Kindle in at least one category within 6 months. But typically this happens within two days of launching the campaign.

6. What do you need from me to make my book a best seller?
We will need to gather some basic information from you about your book. You need to be self-published (we have to go into your Amazon account), and you must agree to some basic terms.

7. How will I know when my book becomes a best seller?
We will notify you once you book hits best-selling status.

8. Why do I need to be self-published?
We work with only self-published authors because you can give us permission and full access to your account. Traditional published authors have to get the permission of their publishers and publishers typically don’t allow that.

9. Why don’t you work with traditionally published authors?
Traditionally published authors have less control over their books and have to get the permission of the publishing company.

10. How long will my book be a Best Seller?

We cannot and do not guarantee how long your book will stay a best seller. We have no control over that. Just like a NY Times best seller some books stay best sellers for a week, a month or years. The more reviews you get and additional book sales you generate will determine how long your book remains a best-seller.

11. What do I do with the best seller proof you provide me with?
Keep for your records. You don’t have to prove your best-selling status to anyone but if you ever needed to you will have it. We provide for this information for you.

12. What category will my book be a Best Seller in?
After research and optimization we will determine what category best works for your book, but we cannot guarantee you what category that will be.

13. Do you guarantee that my book be a #1 Best Seller?
No. We guarantee that it will be an Amazon best seller in the top #100. We also have a program for Amazon Best Sellers top #10.

14. What do I do once my book becomes a Best Seller?
Depending on what program you purchase with us, we provide you with a marketing plan and the necessary tools to promote your credibility and authority as a best-selling author to grow your business. Many best-selling authors that take advantage of our authority program as well get more speaking opportunities, develop more strategic partnerships with other experts, close more clients and begin to charge higher fees.

15. Where will my book become a Best Seller?
On Amazon Kindle, it may become a best seller in more than one category or area but the campaign is for Amazon Kindle one category

16. How many books will I sell after becoming a Best Belling author?
We do not guarantee any set number of books sold for your book to become a best seller or guarantee a set number of books you will sell after your book becomes a best-seller. Amazon determines what the book sales need to be to qualify as a best seller and as long as we meet that requirement that is our goal. How you market your best-selling status will determine your success in selling more copies of your book. Our campaign is not about book sales or future sales. The purpose is to get your book to Best-Selling status.

17. What does this Best Seller Campaign cost?
It varies for each author, book, book size, category and campaign


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