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Lisa Williams is a media and positioning strategist. She is a contributor to several online news and magazine publications such as Small Business Trendsetters, Western Business Journal, Authority Press Wire, Newswire, Business Innovators Magazine, and Women Entrepreneur News.

Williams’ specialty is authority marketing. She’s authored three books, two of them bestsellers and one an international best seller. She positions entrepreneurs to become best-selling authors and experts in their profession. ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and CNN affiliates have featured Lisa, as has hundreds of other media outlets. In 2014, she and her associates helped over 200 nonfiction authors become best-selling authors.

She has a proven record of accomplishment of strategically delivering her clients the results they desire. Her clients have turned into authority figures in their niche, by micro specializing and becoming the educator and advocates for the success of their customers. This has helped her clients gain increases in their customer base and creates the tipping point for people to do business with them.

Lisa Tells Us
I grew up in a small town just outside of Los Angeles and was the youngest of four girls. My parents and sisters worked as a state and city employees however, I chose not to take the security route as my family members did. Though I did not choose to be an employee, the common thread amongst my family is to help people. So really we are all serving just in different areas.

I chose to assist people outside of the employee sector. I have a burning desire to connect with and help professionals that want to help others. I have always been compelled to seek, learn expose myself to big ideas or opportunities and connect with people making a difference in the world.

I love big thinkers and very smart and talented individuals that enjoy sharing their wisdom, knowledge, and expertise to help others. If that’s you, then we already have something in common.

Recovering from Adversity
In 2011 on Easter Sunday, I was walking to my door with my puppy when all of a sudden, a pit bull got loose and attacked my malti poo. As a result, I fell and hurt my back trying to get the pit bull to release my puppy. This incident changed my life in many ways and altered my way of living. . I suffered for years with what doctors consider a “failed” back surgery. I am still in rehab but moving back to the quality of life, as I knew it – playing basketball again on a mom’s team.

I have two beautiful children, a 16-year-old daughter, Aniya, a talented graphic designer that has started her own business and a charming 13-year-old son Daniel whom I call “the mayor”. Many non-blood children that I am connected to, affectionately know me as “Auntie”.

I recently started a non-profit “The Azar Project”, inspired by the senseless killing of African American males around the country. I will be launching a fundraising campaign starting with a book on Amazon: “The Black Male Crisis: Our Sons’ Lives Matter!
My mission is to create and provide resources and access to training for African American males. This will equip and empower them to lead more productive and success lives.

The goal of the project is to raise money for programs with the hope that getting them support, resources, and training will decrease the number of black males in prison, going to jail, committing crimes, dying in the street, and being victims of racial discrimination and unfair treatment.

Who I am
I am a Christian, a mother, sister, aunt, entrepreneur, and president of Media Authority Marketing a division of Local Online Visibility.

I will help you attract the clients you want to work within your business by establishing you as the authority, automating your communication, help you build a platform for your business, and help you attract business instead of seek business.

If you ask me “What do you do?”

My response would be: “If you have a compelling message to share, and want to be recognized as top in your field, I can position you faster than you can position yourself!

“How?” You ask.
“I can help you:

• become the hunted and not the hunter with your prospects,
• be found in the pockets, computers and cars, of your prospects automatically,
• leverage the world’s largest platforms,
• publish books that sell to your target audience,
• become a best-selling author,
• get booked for more speaking opportunities,
• make more money at your speaking events,
• and increase the quality of your client so you can charge more for your services.”

How? I have three strategies that encompass unique approaches to get you established as the authority in your profession, increase your credibility as a professional, and become the recognized expert in your field.

1. Positioning
Getting you featured in third party media outlets – so people begin to call you the expert
I increase my client’s credibility and authority by having them interviewed as subject matter experts, featured in multiple national media outlets, and become the educator and advocate for their prospects. This approach makes prospects chose you over your competition. I also help you become published and best selling authors which further sets you apart from the 80% of people that want to write a book and I show you how to use that book to act as a salesperson that starts the conversation with your prospects. Remember, a book without a platform is ineffective strategy. We leverage the credibility and authority being a published author brings, and use a unique approach to launch your platform.

2. Resources
I have the tools to help you educate, engage, and reach your target client with simple automated systems to capture, connect and convert them into clients. Whether you’re speaking from stage, met someone at Starbucks or connecting with a prospect at a conference, I can help you reach your targeted clients and give them the information they need and how (in the form) they want to consume it.
With simple affordable technology your message, products, and services can be seen, heard, shared, and put in the pockets of your target prospects. Your business will change and you will go from being “The Hunter to the Hunted!”

3. Leveraging Multi-Billion Dollar Platforms
People learn differently. IMAGINE if you could broadcast your message and be seen, heard, read anywhere, anytime, on any device including Smartphones, desktop and laptop computers, tablets, in cars, and on every Internet connected SmartTV with the click of a button… AND be promoted by Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly a dozen other large brands who will gladly promote and market you to billions of people for FREE.

If you know the right formula and have the right system, they will actively promote, market, and share you with the world FREE – and some will promote and pay you for that privilege. I can help you with that!

Let’s talk – I promise it will be worth your while!



Tamikas-photo1-240x300Tamika Bridgewater a serial entrepreneur. She has been a licensed realtor since 1999. Bridgewater is also an author, community activist, public speaker, entrepreneur, and real estate investor. She and her business partner Lisa Williams current venture helps boost visibility for businesses in their local markets by leasing the most desirable real estate on the market—Google. Tamika is a marketing and lead generation specialist. Focusing her efforts on marketing products for real estate agents and calls herself a Mobile Real Estate Diva. Tamika has held many leadership positions in her community including a four-year long presidency of the San Fernando Valley Black Chamber of Commerce. She has also been awarded San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s 40 under 40, a list of the Valley’s most successful young business persons, and has received countless recognition from senators and various government agencies. Bridgewater also served on the Board of Directors for the Valley Economic Development Corporation.


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